Nandika Handa

Nandika Handa



Nandika Handa has a varied international background in the business development field for multinational companies. Nandika is an Executive Director at Universal EB5 USA Services.

She has worked in the print industry and represented top publishers such as Kingfisher Publications PLC., now an imprint of McMillan in India, and managed production, and operations in India. She has lived and worked in New York for a large part representing top Indian companies like Sanat Pvt Ltd (Subsidiary of Dabur Pvt. Ltd.) and was instrumental in developing and managing Sanat’s North American business.

Prior to Sanat, She worked with an exclusive online jewellery firm. She was responsible for all the key product management with Amazon, Brands Place, Overstock, etc…

She now resides between India, U.S.A and Canada with her husband and son.

She holds a certification in Public Relations from Concordia University in Montreal and Master of Arts from Delhi University.